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mindful minute

We are freed and imprisoned by our thoughts

One plus one is infinitely more than two.

You may know the way, but can you walk it?

Happiness is never decreased by being shared. 

Touch one person fully and you touch everything.


5 Qualities of Happy People

Written by Mark Fontaine

“What makes people happy?” “What do they have that others don’t?

 No Toxic Shame

Shame is an emotion which signals us about our limits and keeps us grounded.  It can serve a purpose but becomes toxic when experienced as sense that we are flawed or defective. Happy people have a strong sense self and value.  Nurturing, loving and supportive experiences combat toxic shame.  Those who see themselves as fundamentally flawed are prone to depression, anxiety and perfectionism.

No Resentment

Happy people are successful at forgiveness. They don’t personalize negative experiences to the degree that others do. If you are good at letting things go, you don’t carry resentment around with you. Holding onto anger or grudges towards others leads to bitterness, frustration and health problems.


People who are doing work or engaging in hobbies that are satisfying to them are happier. Those who hate getting up every day to go to work have an underlying baseline of life dissatisfaction that can creep into their lives beyond the world of work. This is true if they’re not participating in something outside of work that energizes them.


Those who have hopes and plans for the future are happier. They believe they can achieve their dreams.  They can visualize a compelling future.  Those who are unable to project positive things for the future often struggle with depression. They engage in negative self-talk, “I can’t,” or “I don’t deserve.”


Happy people are connected to other people by supportive and loving relationships. People need other people.  We seek to form healthy attachments. Most unhappy people feel disconnected to others. Often, they are afraid to connect and sometimes their behavior is disconnecting. If we feel that we are alone, our isolation will bring pain and unhappiness.



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