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mindful minute

We are freed and imprisoned by our thoughts

Written by Mark Fontaine

Loneliness can destroy your physical and mental health and happiness.

We all have a need to connect with others. Our needs should be met by relationships as opposed to stuff.  When we take careful consideration to start dealing with people and emotions our lives can become infinitely more rewarding.

 Making connections with others is not only vital to your growth, it largely determines how much you will enjoy your life. If you don’t have caring, giving relationships with others, not only are you being robbed of one of life’s greatest pleasures, but you’re also robbing others of the benefit and growth they would enjoy by being with you.

You probably yearn for love and connection, yet are you making this a priority in your life? If not, you may be less happy and not as well as you could be.  You may be making yourself sick.  Do you need to change your focus and build connections?  You can take charge of your relationships and you can heal.

Most people are working long hours, have little leisure time, feel stressed and are anxious.  They are driven by what they perceive as their responsibilities.  They see no end to the challenge.

You probably grew up in a more connected world than you have now created for yourself. You spent more time with friends not needing the structure and entertainment that characterizes most socialization today.

Be mindful not to allow online social media to replace human connections.  Ask yourself how you can take advantage of the new social technology to enhance friendships and explore collaborations in ways that were once unimagined. 

Develop an appreciation for what it’s like in your friends’ worlds.  Be attuned to their needs, wants, concerns, and commitments.  Search for commonality.  Ask yourself how you might contribute something of value to your friends’ lives.  If each person perceives a two-way value, the connection will often grow.

When you are feeling anxious, sad, or worried, try not to be alone. Seek a friend. Be open and honest about what supports you need.  Friends can help stop a downward emotional spiral.

What are you waiting for?  You can start reaching out right now.


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