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We are freed and imprisoned by our thoughts

Post written by Mark Fontaine

 The Power of Focus

 The power of focus helps us carry out strategies that help us break free of the clutter that impedes our progress.  

Understanding and reprogramming those automatic habits will determine your future. Happiness is a result of your daily habits.  Happy people have successful habits.  No one drifts to success.  Happiness is the result of clear choice and success habits today create the tomorrow you desire.  Change can begin in an instant and takes time to mature. Your change goes into effect the instant you take action. But, it may take some time to see your changes mature to where you can enjoy them.

 A great way to eliminate frustration is to focus on your unique talents, gifts and natural inclinations and commit to refining them. Most of us were taught to focus on improving our weaknesses. This line of thinking drives home the idea of developing competency in many areas instead of establishing a priority focus on a few areas that you excel and generate your passion. You wind up having stronger weaknesses instead of stronger strengths.  Focusing on minor things in life is a path to mediocrity, poor achievement and unhappiness.

Reserve some time each day to just think. Think about all that you want to accomplish.  Remove the excess noise from your mind and shut out all other negative messages. Create an exciting picture of your future. This picture must be exciting enough to ignite you and propel you beyond mediocrity.

Having a multiple interests is a good thing. But, loss of motivation and stagnation can come due to having too many activities on the go. Information overload can paralyse your momentum. Balancing your activities is required for health and happiness.

Evict toxic people from your life.  This may even be a friend that you’ve known almost “forever” yet this friend is full of negativity. You may love them but they may need to go if you are to move forward.  You should not be obligated to carry someone else’s negative view of the world and unhappiness. Surely there are people struggling with life and in need of your helping hand and support. They merit our attention.  But, toxic people have an unhealthy way of pulling others down. Who you build relationships with does matter.  Evaluate the quality of every relationship you have.

Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. Uncertainty should not generate fear.  It should be a cause to action.  Belief in a positive outcome will empower you to step beyond your fear toward confidence.  Act to build a series of wins and accomplishments.  This will boost your confidence and trust in yourself.

If you aren’t getting what you desire, then you probably aren’t asking enough.  Asking isn’t just about “getting what you want”. Ask to gather information and increase your knowledge.  Knowledge can be leveraged into power to get what you want.  Ask for ideas, strategies and names of people who can help you.

 Make activities a conscious choice. Shift your focus from the negative must do’s and realize your power to choose.  Enjoy the power of freedom that consistent choosing adds to your life.

 You must take some type of action and create motion in the direction of your goals. Being stuck, not knowing what to do, deciding that you cannot make a decision or that you won’t make a decision is the worst decision you can make.  Action is the decision to move up in life. Put away excuses and reject self- imposed limits.

 To fully capture the sensation of being alive and experience peace of mind you will need to align your goals with a well-defined purpose.  Are you sensing a yearning and a deeper hunger for something more out of life?  We all need to feel that our lives matter and that we are making a difference.  Ask yourself, what do I do best?  What do I enjoy doing?  Am I making focus a priority? Am I in “have-to” mode” or am I exercising choices in my life?  Am I choosing to be enthusiastic and empowered?

Want to learn more about the power of focus?  Here’s a great source:
The Power of Focus: What the Worlds Greatest Achievers Know about The Secret of Financial Freedom and Success.  Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt 



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