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We are freed and imprisoned by our thoughts

Get Off A Dead Horse

 It is difficult to let go of things that we have become view as our identity.  We equate these things with our self-worth.

 Dead horses show up in our jobs, in our lifestyles or in our relationships. We may find ourselves in states of regret, agitation, anger, sadness and depression as we try and ride our dead horses.

We may have come to define ourselves by a title as if that title gives us worth and definition.  Husband, nurse, PTA president, these titles come and go.  Plans go awry.   Callings morph.  We re-priortize and life goes on.  

The world is filled with well-intentioned people with unrealistic ideas about themselves.  They spend valuable time and energy trying to resuscitate their dead horses.  They make themselves believe that if they just try harder, keep on keeping on, these dead horses will come to life, better than ever. Or they tell themselves that if they are less demanding and more accepting, these dead horses will regenerate  and live to ride again

Consider your lifestyle.  You have set out with many good intentions.  You believe in what you think is your vision or purpose.  You work hard and sacrifice, trying to become whom you think you should be.  You may even have given up what you wanted or who you wanted to be, telling yourself there’s no going back. The result is unhappiness and frustration.  You’ve dug in your spurs, and are going nowhere on a plastic horse on a carousel.  You wake up each morning knowing what you have to do but are going nowhere near your intended destination.

When you get off your dead horse, you may expect to feel sad. But, most often, a part of you will be happy to give up.  Despite the carnage, you may feel no regrets.  You weren’t just losing money or time, you were losing your spirit. Your dead horse pervaded every bit of joy you were finding in  other pursuits.  All your activities had been poisoned by dead horse cynicism and negativity.

Don’t let your ego get in the way.  Don’t beat yourself up over all your past mistakes and fears about the future.  A whole world is waiting on the other side.  Take a galloping leap of faith.

 Points to ponder:

1.  In what areas of your life are you disengaged right now?

2.  What are you consistently doing that does not support you, but you keep doing?

3.  Are you achieving your goals in your life at work, at home or at play?  Are you engaging in beliefs, thoughts and actions that enhance goal achievement?

4.  Are you one to state what you’re going to do and then spend the rest of your time explaining why you can’t do it?

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