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mindful minute

We are freed and imprisoned by our thoughts

The term multitasking was most often a reference to the simultaneous performance of two or more tasks by a computer’s central processing unit. The term has came to be humanized and those who can multitask are often revered. Multitaskers set priorities and effectively time manage. They are driven to achieve outcomes and goals. They stay ahead of the competition and yet somehow find a way to enjoy life outside of work. It becomes increasingly stressful as there is more to be accomplished each day.

Time can be our master, or time can be our servant. Do you feel that you are engaged in more activities that are draining as opposed to ones that are restorative? When we feel rested, we are able to handle life’s hard knocks and maintain a positive attitude.

It may be counterintuitive, but an early start can give you more energy for the day. A daily sweat can cleanse and strengthen your body. Spend some time in nature. Complete at least three maintenance tasks per day, such as paying bills, mowing the lawn, washing dishes or doing the laundry. Take on the challenge of doing something which is outside your comfort zone. Spend some time alone, not in entertainment, reflecting on daily events that posed a challenge or were emotional in nature. Do at least one good deed without focusing on the reward. Relax and enjoy yourself daily as well.

Our passion for the work will create its own discipline. No outside influence is required. When you are doing what you love to do, external discipline need not be imposed. Just do what you love to do. Discipline at work, when imposed by a “boss”, is violence.

If you have the time, maybe you could share some of your thoughts with the rest of us.

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